John Bakhos

a.k.a. The Red Metalist
Lead, rhythm, and acoustic guitars
Uses PRS Guitars, Godin Guitars, Seagull Guitars, Hughes & Kettner Amplification, AMT preamps, Morley Pedals, Digitech Whammy Pedals, And InTune Guitar Picks.

Hailing from Beirut, Lebanon by way of a zillion other ethnicities, this creative individual grew up riffing up a storm influenced by guitar greats like Petrucci, Romeo, Darrell, Friedman and Hendrix to name a few. Classically trained and comically insane; John is the driving force behind much of Anuryzm’s music and deep songwriting.

John may look deep in thought on stage but in reality his engineer brain is acting overtime like the conductor that he is, grounding the music and ensuring perfection. Perhaps all that brain activity turns his hair red. Until science can confirm for sure, he’s just our redhead genius guitarist.
John enjoys checking out new and exciting bands and artists and is very open minded musically. However it is ill advised to pull a fast one on him due to his extensive Aikido training in what may seem like a lifetime ago.

Nadeem Michel Bibby

a.k.a. Nadamage
Vocalist Extraordinaire
Uses Neumann/Sennheiser and Shure Microphones, Shure In -Ear Monitors, Konig And Meyer Stands

Long ago in a galaxy far far away (London, England), this spoilt dude bugged his parents for video games, sci-fi, anime and comics galore. All of which, in the eyes of Anuryzm, fully qualifies him to be the vocalist and lyricist!

A product of the prestigious University of San Francisco’s “USF Voices” ensemble, plus the fact that he and John grew up playing metal music together, has led to some epic and highly respected world class metal vocal moments from buttery smooth croons, to raspy delivery and demonic growls to his personal favorite, the air –raid siren.

Responsible for a lot of Anuryzm’s themes and topics, this versatile vocalist is always happy to discuss storylines and concepts; but don’t approach him and try to help yourself while he is munching on his ultimate snack (Walkers Sensations Thai Sweet Chili Crisps) lest you value your limbs!

Jay Jahed

a.k.a. The Chimney
Synths and Keys
Uses NUmotion Keyboards, Korg Synths & Keyboards Plus Some Old Noisy Instruments And Percussion Tools.

Born in Beirut, Lebanon, Jay’s talents were ignited at a tender age when his father brought home a mini Casio keyboard. After rocking out in his diapers and with a few bigger keyboards and some other instruments later, this “Wunderkind” prodigy enrolled himself into classical piano school.

An integral asset to the Anuryzm live sound, Jay enjoys the freedom of movement and creativity associated with his nUmotion REVO-1 model keyboard and is super stoked to be officially endorsed by nUmotion.

Drawn to the limitless possibilities of synths, infused with classic rock and metal as well as early digital and experimental music of the 80s and 90s; Jay will talk endlessly about technology and his secret passion for percussion because to him there is no such thing as a final frontier. It comes as no surprise that Jay used to host two video game and tech – based TV shows, one of which was the amusingly named “Copy/paste.

Faissal Itani

a.k.a. BassFace
Bass Guitar
Uses Fender Jazz Basses and Ampeg Amplification

Residing in Beirut, Lebanon; Faissal started his musical journey playing bass in a Metallica cover band at the age of 13. A lot of blown-out and ruined small bass amps later, he quickly diversified into other styles of music including blues, jazz, and soul but also returned to his first love for metal and heavy music with his current involvement in Anuryzm!

An engineer by training, he is always reading, designing and tinkering with all manner of items. It’s no rulers and compasses for this handyman who uses his index and middle fingers proficiently to lay down sonic grooves that are so deep in the pocket that he is a bass billionaire!

A timber trader by day and an audio engineering and acoustics freak anytime of day, his knowledge of various timbers come in useful in studio and sound design. Do feel free to walk up to him and ask if he’s “Got Wood?”

John Laham

a.k.a. The Butcher
Drums & Percussion
Uses Promark sticks, TAMA Rockstar Custom, TAMA drum hardware, Remo & Evans Drumheads, Sabian cymbals (AAX series), and Zildjian Cymbals (Z custom, A custom, and A series)

This comedic nuisance was born in Egypt and started drumming aged 8. A move to his native Lebanon opened up opportunities to play in several enigmatic and successful Lebanese bands.

John works with computers and has explained to us what exactly it is he does for a living, yet we genuinely still don’t understand.

Whilst drummers are indeed a joke unto themselves, this wisecracking individual is absolutely no joke on the stage with his elegant and highly complex style that leaves seasoned musicians in awe. A solid and versatile musician; John’s career saw him reign over projects ranging from jazz and fusion, to pop and blues, and ultimately progressive rock and metal.

John is always tapping away to background music, formulating drum lines and patterns that fit the groove like a perfect game of Tetris. This is made even more remarkable by the fact that he claims to never ever hear the bassist or vocalist! (Our suspicion is that he just wants to piss off our singer.)

Sertaç Ögüt

a.k.a. The Doctor
Rhythm and Acoustic Guitars
Uses PRS Guitars, Jackson Guitars, Seagull Guitars, Mesa Boogie Amplification, AMT Preamps, Morley Wah Pedals, Digitech Whammy Pedals, Danelectro Pedals, InTune Guitar Picks

Our very own self-made “Dr.Metal,” Sertac is a very busy guy, constantly jetting around on business trips whilst simultaneously shredding it up on stage.

Born in Germany to a Turkish family, this PhD holder in Communications and Informative studies started out on piano aged 5 and switched to guitar aged 11. Influenced by greats such as Mustaine, Friedman, Dimebag and Kotzen; his music career took off as a member of influential Turkish bands that landed him support slots for the legendary Testament as well as others.

Crushing low end rhythm with an innate ability for harmonics and a flexible soloist to boot; Sertac is a truly consistent and professional guitarist. When he is not creating commercial use soundtracks for video gaming; he is very adept at ditching the band to jam with his infant daughter, belting out such hits as “Kitty Kitty Meow.”