All is Not for All

Release Date: June 15th, 2015
With this sophomore record, conceptually realized as a prequel to ‘Worms Eye View’, the songwriting took a more linear but darker tone with the origins of the themes dissected and questioned. In particular, the origins of the ‘Worm man’ and the forces at play that led to the events of ‘Worm’s Eye View’.

A more mature vocal delivery allowed for greater experimentation and complexity to the track structures whilst retaining the signature Anuryzm guitar tone and motifs. Guests on the record included previous collaborator Uri Dijk (Textures) on synths, Mike LePond (Symphony X, Silent Assassins) on Bass, and Charlie Zeleny (Whiplash, Jordan Rudess, Behold the Arctopus) on Drums.

An unconventional and bold collaboration with Christopher James Chaplin on the all instrumental track ‘Oceans Apart’ provides an introduction to the album featuring many stringed instruments and experimental music arrangements courtesy of Mr. Chaplin. Other tracks like ‘Humanoid’, ‘The Challenger’, and ‘Impermanence’ lead the listener through human observation by extraterrestrials, feudal Japan and Bushido (way of the warrior) code, and the nomadic upbringing of third culture kids respectively.

Track Listing

  1. Mineral
  2. Full Agonist
  3. Humanoid
  4. Depolarized
  5. The Challenger
  6. Oceans Apart
  7. All Is Not For All
  8. 199X
  9. Impermanence
  10. Perispirit


  • “Anuryzm are proving that the Middle Eastern metal scene is steadily gaining momentum and gaining worldwide fans.” – Metal Hammer UK
  • “It’s a very classy helping of streamlined metal which has me thinking that if there was such a sub-genre as caviar and champagne metal, ANURYZM would be the leaders of that particular pack.” – Decibel
  • “The musical world may just have found itself some new Prog-Metal titans…” – Progradar
  • “All Is Not For All’ demands your full attention and numerous plays to appreciate its depth and calculated performance.” – Uber Rock
  • “Anuryzm have proven that we should all be paying attention and if you haven’t been there is no better time to start than now.” – Metal Shock Finland
  • “…taking the world of progressive metal to wonderful heights.” – Metal Discovery
  • “…an absolute gem of an album that certainly sits well within the “Progressive Thrash Metal” genre.” – Metal Gods TV
  • “Anuryzm definitely deserves much attention as they are on the road to great things.” – Pandemonium TV

Worm’s Eye View

Release Date: Oct 11th 2011,
Re-released worldwide in 2012

Anuryzm’s official debut came out of nowhere and seemingly took the regional and global metal scene by surprise. An apt description for a release that saw a very non-traditional variation of rock and progressive metal styles coupled with a collaborative effort by the reclusive Martin Lopez (Ex- Opeth, Ex- Amon Amarth, Soen) on drums, and with a guest appearance by Uri Dijk (Textures) on synths.

Honest and youthful songwriting, fresh and versatile vocals and a penchant for 90s metal that shone through on the guitar work; this release generated touring opportunities and major label interest as well as a global fan and industry peer appreciation for the band.

Opener ‘Fragmenting the Soul’ covers themes of re-invention and resurgence to one’s musical roots, mirrored by real-life events in the band’s history. Introspective and moody creations like ‘Skygazing’ and ‘Killing Time’ are identifiable by most people who have unanswered questions related to love and loss and mental health;  whilst tracks like ‘Sintax of Trinity’ and ‘Breaking The Ballot’ reflect more on the often corrupt and unjust political and socio-economic statuses of Eastern countries and couples them with messages of hope and respect towards arts and innovation, aspects of creativity that existed in the East and Orient long before political turmoil and that reside in all of us.

Track Listing

  1. Fragmenting The Soul
  2. Wide Awake
  3. Sintax Of Trinity
  4. Skygazing
  5. Worm’s Eye View
  6. Killing Time
  7. Breaking The Ballot
  8. Where Mockery Falls


  • “This is broad reaching progressive metal that exhibits a gleeful disregard for traditional limits and a satisfyingly unpredictable melodic sensibility that glues the remarkably accomplished individual performances together.” – Metal Hammer UK
  • “This is an album packed with some stunning riffs, incredible drumming and a vocal range from Nadeem that is hugely impressive. The music is complex, detailed and expertly delivered providing a result that is quite simply stunning.” – GrumpyRocker.co.uk
  • “… one of the finest wines of the Middle East to say the least!” – LebMetal.com
  • “…one of the most promising new bands from the Middle East… Worm’s Eye View is a great example of how our metal scene over the Middle East is moving forward…” – Jorzine.com
  • “Anuryzm proves itself to be in full control of balancing musical prowess and songwriting, forging it all into a listening experience that should appeal to a large crowd.” – MetalityUAE.com
  • “Throughout ‘Worm’s Eye View’, song structures are seamlessly interlinked, time changes and moods negotiated effortlessly, Porcupine Tree and, especially Opeth influences apparent.”  ‐ Mudkiss, Album of the Month